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          Sales & Service Platform

          A synergized platform with international operation layout, relying on its own products and open eco-partnership platform to provide end-to-end intelligent information communication and technology (ICT) solutions to our customers

          • 1
            Global Reach
            Covering China and overseas markets including Southeast Asia & South Asia, Middle East & North Africa, South Africa, Latin America, etc.
          • 2
            Carrier&Vertical Market
            Serving carriers, vertical industries and corporate customers for their growing needs of information industry
          • 3
            One-stop Solutions
            Focusing on telecom turnkey projects, weak current solutions of transportation and smart city and government/enterprise digital transformation one-stop solutions
          • 4
            International Integration & Project Mngt. Competence
            With the rich experience in in-depth integration and international project management, we have built up end-to-end solution delivery capability of consulting design, system & solution, operation and maintenance
          • 5
            Strategic Cooperation
            Closely cooperating with Chinese enterprises and financing institutions to jointly implement “the Belt & Road Initiative” and "Domestic & International Circulations" to build up a business ecosystem of China Huaxin
          • 6
            Sustainable Innovation
            Making full use of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and IoT, develop emerging products/solutions during business development, and sustain new business growth

          Professional solutions formed through the ecological formation of different industry clusters, which help all industries to improve quality and efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and innovate mode transformation

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